Frequently Asked Questions

E-in-a-circle large LWHere you’ll find answers to some commonly asked questions about Ethanil. If you have a question that isn’t listed, please get in touch and we’ll continue to evolve the list.

Q. Will removing the ethanol from petrol effect the octane rating?

A. Yes, removing ethanol from petrol will reduce the octane rating by approximately 1 number per 2% of ethanol content removed. 

One solution to this, is to use a higher octane fuel (ie 99 RON) for the Ethanil process.  Alternatively and particularly in applications with a high compression ratio where octane is critical (e.g. motorbikes, racing cars), we suggest boosting the octane with an additive treatment.

Q. Which additive should I use to boost the octane rating of petrol?

A.  There are various additives available with different advantages, including:

Castrol Valvemaster Plus  Lead replacement additive for valve seat protection with an additional octane boost.   Increases octane by two numbers, i.e. 95 will increase to 97 RON, 97 will increase to 99 RON.  The valve seat protection is adequate for normal driving but not racing nor arduous use.

Dosage: 1 x 250ml bottle treats 250 litre / 100ml : 100 litre

Millers CVL Octane booster, valve seat lubricant and combustion enhancer.  Increases octane by up to 3 octane numbers and intended for classic vehicles.

Dosage 1 x 250ml bottle treats 20 litres / 100ml: 8 litres

Millers CVL Turbo Octane booster, valve seat lubricant and combustion enhancer.   Increases octane levels by up to 4 octane numbers.  Intended for modern vehicles and motorsport applications.

Dosage: 1 x 500ml bottle treats 20 litres / 100ml : 4 litres

Millers VSPe Power Plus Multishot  All in one lead replacement, octane improver and ethanol protection.  Can enhance octane by up to 2 octane numbers.

Dosage: 1 x 500ml bottle treats 500 litres / 100ml: 100 litres

Tetraboost Contains real tetraethyl lead to make genuine leaded  fuel, for improved performance and valve seat protection. Can increase octane by up to 8 octane numbers for competition use.  Hazardous and flammable so should be handled with care.

Dosage (to achieve 99/100 octane for road cars): 1 x 945ml bottle treats 109 litres / 100ml : 11.5 litres




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