About Ethanil



Ethanol is now present in varying percentages in nearly all pump petrol. For classic vehicle enthusiasts it produces a range of undesirable affects, including:

  • Ethanol is corrosive to some seals and plastics, and can lead to fuel leaks and unusable fuel tanks.
  • It acts as a solvent which can loosen fuel tank sealant and existing deposits in the fuel system, causing fuel pump, hose, filter and fuel injector blockages.
  • Its hygroscopic nature means that ethanol readily absorbs water from the atmosphere, forming a corrosive layer at the bottom your classic fuel tank.
  • Vapour locking is more prevalent with old vehicles due to ethanol’s increased volatility and high inlet manifold temperatures.
  • Carburettor icing can also occur due to the increased water content of the fuel.

There are various petrol additives available to provide protection from the corrosive effects of ethanol on metals, but they have no impact on the susceptibility of rubber parts and plastic or fibreglass fuel tanks, and may not help with poor running in those vehicles susceptible to carburettor icing or vapour-locking.

In contrast, the Ethanil® kit removes ethanol from petrol completely, thereby ensuring that all problems caused by ethanol are eliminated too.

The Ethanil® kit is ergonomically designed to process petrol with ease in a garage or workshop, and the robustness of the components ensures that it can be used time and time again.  Ethanil will produce at least 17 litres of ethanol-free petrol per fill, so it’s ideal for low-volume petrol users, including:

  • Classic 2-strokes
  • Motorcycles with fibreglass or plastic fuel tanks
  • Classic and vintage cars with low fuel consumption and/or limited mileages
  • The last fill of the season before a classic car goes into storage; this is the time that your vehicle’s fuel tank is at greatest risk of corrosion.

The Ethanil® kit gives the classic vehicle owner peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that Ethanol-free is trouble-free.

Remove ethanol from petrol